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Startup Life: Unscripted #42 with Olivia Reger, Sales Development Representative at Konquest

From luxury cars to tech startups, Olivia Reger charts her switch to Konquest, where she blends savvy social media strategies with a fresh, dynamic sales role.

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Welcome back to Startup Life: Unscripted! In today's edition, we're delighted to feature Olivia Reger, who currently works as a Sales Development Representative at Konquest, a commission management platform designed specifically for recruiters.

In our conversation, Olivia takes us through her journey from working with automotive leaders like Jaguar Land Rover and BMW to embracing the fast-paced world of tech. She reflects on her motivations for entering the SaaS sector, the appeal of Konquest's team-focused approach, and plenty more.

Key interview takeaways:

🚗 Cars to Code: Olivia shares her experience moving from established automotive brands like Jaguar Land Rover and BMW to the dynamic tech sector at Konquest.

🎯 Embracing Company Culture: Olivia praises Konquest for its communicative and team-oriented approach during the hiring process, which played a significant role in her decision to join the tech world.

🛠️ Daily Routine for SaaS Sales: Detailing her typical day, Olivia gives insight into the life of a SDR, from managing communications to creating social media content, and how it compares to her previous roles in the automotive industry.

📱 Impact of Social Media Engagement: Olivia discusses how actively using platforms like LinkedIn and TikTok has not only helped her navigate the tech landscape but also significantly boosted her visibility and engagement within the industry.

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Hey Olivia, jumping from Jaguar Land Rover & BMW to tech sounds like quite the switch. What sparked this move into the SaaS world with Konquest?

The way Konquest came across was so different. They were great with communication, listened to me as a person and I enjoyed the team interaction throughout the whole interview process.

The concept of what we do really intrigued me and I loved the customer focus side of things which is what I always enjoyed about the motor trade.

Networking now is part of my job (which is so surreal) and I feel like this role has been made for me. The motor trade had very few female leaders and I have seen the same with SaaS sales so wanting to be part of that change – watch this space!

Joining the tech world is a significant change. What have been some of the most exciting aspects and challenges you've encountered since starting in your current role?

I would say each day is exciting. You never know what day or conversation you’re going to have. It’s a fast-paced dynamic environment which I have always enjoyed. The tech industry is constantly evolving which means there are always new things to learn and challenges to overcome.

Having an opportunity to make a difference with technology is such a “blessing in disguise” as they say and we really can make an impact in a company's day-to-day environment which I think is lovely.

Can you share what a typical day looks like for a Sales Development Representative? How does it compare to your previous roles?

First thing is coffee!! This is an absolute must and non-negotiable! I firstly respond to emails and Linkedin messages. I start my tasks which I have sent from previous days and carry on conversations with potential clients.

I engage with the very fast-growing community on LinkedIn and get started on some cold calls to my ICPs. Lunchtime. I then use social media for an hour, this can be creating the company's social media content on LI and my own posts. I engage with content and respond to any messages. I hit the phones again and have some discovery calls and then prep for the next day’s content.

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In a startup like Konquest, roles can often be fluid and evolving. Have you taken on any unexpected responsibilities or learned new skills since joining the team?

I have always enjoyed the social media aspect of things because I am a little nuts so creating content is quite easy for me as my brain is at a speed of 100mph most of the time and I am constantly having ideas pop up in my brain!

I am always up for learning and the team always offers me great advice when I ask the 294883th question of the day. Being part of a startup is so rewarding as we all help each other all day, everyday in so many different ways.

We are always bouncing ideas off each other and always listen to one another’s opinions. I have worked for industries where I have been part of thousand’s of staff and prefer this so much more. You’re treated as an individual and we all know each other well!

You've been killing it on LinkedIn and TikTok lately. How have these platforms helped you navigate and thrive in the tech scene?

Thank you! I have a right little giggle to myself when I make them. I get a lot of content idea’s by just seeing what people engage with and whatever random thought enters my brain! I also think that Sara at Pareto is the GOAT for TikTok videos!

I am starting to up my game there and going to introduce my day-to-day activity to see what a ‘day in the life’ of an SDR is! It really has helped me thrive . As you say, people are noticing me and commenting on my posts and referring back to previous posts I’ve made or comments I’ve left.

Lastly, for anyone contemplating a career shift as you did, what advice would you give? What should they consider before and after making such a transition?

Listen to the song Lily Meola – “Daydream”! As she states in the song “if it makes you nervous, it's probably worth it” and I live by that line. Go for it, what harm can happen? And if it goes all ‘tits-up’ at least you know you tried.

Step out of your comfort zone and embrace it. Focus on the strengths you have, you wouldn’t be interviewed if they didn’t see the potential in you, so believe in yourself. Enjoy it, don’t take it personal and always be open and willing to learn.

LinkedIn has opened so many doors and opportunities to me already including job opportunities which I have respectfully turned down as I am on the Konquest path for the long run!

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